We now have Garlic Dill Pickles, Bread and Butter Pickles, chow chow,
and for a limited time, PICKLED OKRA! (pictures coming soon….)

mild salsa


Our Mild salsa provides the fresh, rich flavor without any heat.

mild black bean
& corn salsa


Our Mild Black Bean & Corn salsa provides the same rich flavor of our mild salsa, but with black beans and corn added.

medium salsa


Our Medium salsa combines the same great flavor but with a hint of heat. 

medium black bean
& corn salsa


Our Medium Black Bean & Corn salsa combines that hint of heat with black beans and corn.

hot salsa


Our Hot salsa brings the kick with some heat, but still has that same great flavor.

hot black bean
& corn salsa


Our Hot Black Bean & Corn salsa maintains it's spicy goodness but has black beans and corn added for that extra flavor.